Aug 1, 2008


The sad part about not being a member is that you can't buy clothes for your penguin and you cant buy items for your penguins house. Things that non-members can receive is:

  1. They can buy backgrounds without having to be a member
  2. They can buy different colors
  3. They can only buy the puffles that are red and blue
  4. They can get items to wear on days that they have free items placed all over club penguin
  5. They can get free hidden pins on days that there are hidden pins like times when their are club penguin party's.

Non-members still get allot. and They don't have to pay!


  1. It is little...
    Cause if we non-members want that stuff,we have to wait for partys!
    Members can wait every month for a new clothing catalaog...While non-members freeze waiting for free stuff and clothing!It's not fair man!

  2. thats no fair! no clothes for non members!!!

  3. and we cant decorate our igloos adn buy stuff for pets

  4. i was a member and when i stopped it got rid off all i'd bought

  5. members should be in their own seperate world from non members cause we get limitations!! NOT FAIR AT ALL!!!

  6. we do not get no clothing:( we have to what for a partys not fair.and we cant decorate our igloos adn buy stuff for pets

  7. ... this is verry bad for non-members,all of us are sad

  8. what are we supose to do till a party?????????????????/