Mar 14, 2009

Computer keeps Breaking

i am so sorry everyone... i haven't been much help lately...i apologize my computer has been breaking and not working and we are finally getting up and running again...its been a long time and I've missed so much... :( i will try to post more often since the computer is working again...

and also my friend showed me this video on you tube that was hilarious! you guys should check it out!!! To find it:

1. go to

2. you will see a movie on there watch it!

3. comment on it!

4. Subscribe to it

5. rate it 5 stars

6. tell all of your family & friends about it

Feb 21, 2009

The Puffle Party!

The Club Penguin Puffle Party is here!!

To get the free item (puffle bandanna) go to the dock.

Check out the light house there is a yellow puffle that paints a picture of your penguin.

and....there are acting yellow puffles

at the snowforts you can throw snowballs (berry o's) at puffles

Outside the dojo court yard is a white puffle...he hides in the bush and comes out every 20 minutes.....hmm... does that mean a new white puffle will be available to buy??

Feb 7, 2009


A new catalog came out this friday! Here are some of the items you'll see in it.


Hello readers,
I am so sorry i haven't posted. there was a storm and I lost electricity for a few days and then my computer broke. I just got it fixed. I cant believe i missed a whole party. =( I will get catched up though. Don't worry guys this site is still running. Also, for the chat box people have been putting inappropriate stuff and I'd appreciate it if you guys would stop.

Jan 19, 2009

New Log In Screen

The log in screen for Club Penguin changed again. It was changed especially for the party...

1st Ever Quickie Party
Right now on snowflake server. At the member party/roof of dance party. My penguin is ganndar. Party Ends at Cp 2:24 time. Party is going to be made into a vid...


The Member Party Was Suppose To End Sunday but CP Has Extended It To Tuesday! Have a Great Time @ The party everyone!!! There Are Only A Few Days Left.....

Jan 17, 2009


My penguin, Ranebows is not a member but my brothers penguin, Ganndar is, so i used my brothers penguin to get these pics..... For you members i hope you enjoy the party it is awesome!! and sorry to you guys who aren't members...

Here is the night club for the party!!!

Here is the night club lounge and best of all....!!!.....

The top of the night club!!!! It is so cool!!!

Inside the dance lounge go over to where it says dance contest to play a game that is kind of like guitar hero.....

Free boom box item! Have your penguin dance while holding it to do some cool brake down dancing.....
And there is a new pin at the snow forts on the CP Clock and it is for all penguins even non-members....

Jan 10, 2009


Allot of you guys have been asking about if Ranebows was a boy or a girl. The answer is Ranbows is a girl. How would you guys like it if i made a page all about me and my penguin? Comment telling my yes or no.

Jan 7, 2009

Sneek Peak

Sorry to all of you that aren't members. There will be a members party in mid January. (15th-18th) Club Penguin has said it is going to be more than just a party though. They also said that some clothing items in the Penguin Style may come in handy... hmm..... I wonder what that means??? It's going to be awesome! Here is a sneak peak:

New Stage
Friday there is going to be a new stage theme. Some of the old superheroes and costumes will be in this play. Here is a sneak peak:

Check Spelling

Also the characters from an earlier play will be returning:
  • Shadow Guy
  • Squidzoid
  • Gamma Gal

Jan 2, 2009

1st CP Catalog of 2009

The first ever catalog in 2009 has come out. The penguin Style Catalog located at the gift shop. Billy bob from CP said that the clothes are related to something really exciting that will be happening in Club Penguin later in January. Here are the cheats:

Click on the Blue Bubble to get the hidden Spikette

Click on the flower pot to find the hidden fruit Headdress

Click on the yellow present to get the hidden Yellow Scarf

Click on the top of the mountain to find the hidden Russian Hat

Click on the top of the tree to get a red Viking Helmet

Click on the snowman hat to find the Pink Pom Pom Toque

Click the snowflake to get the Red Hoodie

Also there are two new backgrounds! They look really cool!

The new pin is a gingerbread man cookie. It is located in the Ski Lodge Attic.